4 Benefits of Making Your Law Firm Website ADA Accessible

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Your law firm website is beautifully designed, well-written and easily navigated. It’s perfect, right? Well…maybe not. While it may be a great site that in general performs well for your law firm, there’s probably one angle you haven’t even thought of addressing: ADA accessibility.

Making the changes that allow disabled visitors to access your site easily not only helps an often-overlooked segment of the population, it can also do your firm a favor as well. For law firms that handle disability-based or age discrimination cases, ADA accessible websites should be a given. However, the advantages of having such a site extend to firms with every focus. Consider these benefits:

  1. More traffic. Most websites are built for the typical visitor, ignoring the roughly 18% of the population that experiences a disability. That figure includes the 8.6% of Americans who are visually impaired, as well as those with severe dyslexia and other types of disabilities that impact reading. By creating an accessible website, you expand your potential audience to a significant degree.
  2. Better reputation. Building an accessible website demonstrates your commitment to serving others and providing inclusive services. Since few law firms have fully accessible sites, ensuring that yours is will help differentiate your brand and enhance your reputation. Like everyone else, visually impaired site visitors appreciate the efforts that make their lives a bit easier and will make recommendations and referrals based on their positive impressions of your firm.
  3. Improved SEO. Even a well-optimized website can often benefit from further SEO efforts. Adding carefully worded alt text to images and other changes that facilitate ADA accessibility will result in better SEO performance, helping your firm reach wider audiences among the disabled and non-disabled alike.
  4. Enhanced usability. As you review navigation, keywords and all the other site elements that affect accessibility, you will uncover usability issues that affect typical visitors as well as their disabled counterparts. Tweaking and correcting with ADA accessibility in mind will work simultaneously to increase the overall usability of your site.

Making your website accessible to users with disabilities is a great thing to do for purely compassionate and ethical reasons, but it also confers advantages for your law firm. It’s one of these wonderful situations where doing the right thing for others also happens to do some very nice ones for your firm’s branding and marketing.

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