6 Ways to Increase SEO Using Twitter

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Placing high in search results isn’t just a function of your website’s optimization. Other things you do online may contribute significantly to the respect your law firm earns from Google’s ranking algorithms, so it’s well worth spending a few minutes making sure all your activities are delivering maximum ROI.

Twitter is one tool you can use to boost SEO, and doing so is a straightforward matter for the most part. Many law firms will have taken advantage of these simple tactics, but if you haven’t already, take the time now. Here are six easy ways to improve your search rank by tweaking your Twitter account:

  1. Link your website. Yes, this seems obvious but a surprising number of firms still haven’t done it. Link your firm’s site and to your Twitter profile so web crawlers will index the page and associate it with your Twitter activity. Be sure to include the firm’s full name within the link if your Twitter handle doesn’t spell it out completely.
  2. Verify the account. This is another super-simple tactic that should be automatic, but is frequently overlooked. Verifying the account takes almost no time but lets Google know the account is valid, and thus should be indexed regularly. A high number of indexed tweets makes it more likely that your firm’s content will appear on first-page search results.
  3. Remember to add your location. Once more, this should be a given, but often isn’t. Fill out the location field on your Twitter profile with the appropriate city and state or metropolitan area (e.g. Marietta, GA or Metro Atlanta). Unless your firm has a well-known, national presence, it’s silly to skip this step. Even if you have two or three locations, it’s best to enter a city or metro area for the added SEO benefit. No one will think you don’t actually care about the other offices.
  4. Use keywords in the description. Be sure to include the full name of the firm here, along with specific practice areas and client pain points. Including this information gracefully might take the help of a professional writer, because you don’t want to come across as a keyword-stuffing illiterate, but it provides important info for those who view your profile as well as web crawlers.
  5. Engage with high quality content. When you like or retweet appropriate content from others to your own followers, you do more than bringing valuable insights and articles to their attention. You also have the potential of gaining additional exposure for your own account as one of the (as many as nine) Twitter users that similarly engaged with the content. Sharing valuable content from recognized leaders in your practice areas lets them learn who you are and can generate links that support your firm’s search rankings.
  6. Expand your Twitter network. While this takes more time and effort than the previous steps, it can pay off with better search rankings. Google’s official policy is that they don’t rank based on the number of followers an account has, but more exposure leads to more engagement and retweets. Those do factor into the relative rank Google gives your Twitter content.

Creating strong search rankings isn’t going to be accomplished with a single act, tool or technique. It’s a long-term goal that requires a multi-pronged approach, but these Twitter tips are an easy way to help improve SEO and begin to maneuver your law firm squarely where potential clients will see it.


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