Expert, Specialist or Just a Darn Good Lawyer?

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Law firms must comply with very specific laws regarding the way they market their services. Website content, social media posts and advertising all have to meet strict standards for accuracy while assiduously avoiding “false or misleading” statements (ABA Model Rules … Read More

An Ending and a Promise Fulfilled

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Following an 11-year run, the respected Wall Street Journal Law Blog put down its digital pen this summer. This venerated source of news and insights into the legal world shut down with an announcement by Ashby Jones, the paper’s legal … Read More

6 Ways to Increase SEO Using Twitter

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Placing high in search results isn’t just a function of your website’s optimization. Other things you do online may contribute significantly to the respect your law firm earns from Google’s ranking algorithms, so it’s well worth spending a few minutes … Read More

Money Talks, So Talk About Money

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Billing and fee structures are topics that frequently don’t appear at all on law firm websites. This is a mistake, because though you hope clients focus on your expertise and ability rather than costs, the fact is that clients care … Read More

Position Your Team for Marketing Success

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With smaller law firms often lacking a dedicated marketing team, deciding who does what and ensuring that the overall marketing plan moves ahead smoothly can be a challenge. Whether you work with an outsourced marketing partner, handle it all in … Read More

What Makes a Great Landing Page?

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Landing pages aren’t like most of the pages on your law firm’s website. They have a narrow focus and a specific purpose, which means they need a distinctive approach. Because they exist for a specific purpose, it’s easy to tell … Read More

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