WordPress Shortcuts to Make Your Life Easier

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Everybody loves WordPress. It’s so easy to use that even the less technically inclined are comfortable on the platform. This high level of accessibility means law firms often choose to update content, add blog posts and make other changes on … Read More

4 Benefits of Making Your Law Firm Website ADA Accessible

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Your law firm website is beautifully designed, well-written and easily navigated. It’s perfect, right? Well…maybe not. While it may be a great site that in general performs well for your law firm, there’s probably one angle you haven’t even thought … Read More

Key Marketing Metrics for Your Law Firm

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Today’s analytical tools for websites are impressive. You can dig in and get granular, view reports in a variety of graphic forms and find extremely specific data to help you analyze what’s happening with your law firm’s web traffic. The … Read More

SEO Benefits From an Unexpected Source

Most attorneys are aware how beneficial case studies and testimonials can be for demonstrating the value of their services to potential clients. These tools allow readers to step into the shoes of previous clients and get a clear sense of … Read More

Free Typography Resources to Make Your Website Look Great

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Are you tired of using the same old fonts and wishing for something delightfully different? You’re in luck, because Google is offering you a chance to browse and use a wide assortment of typefaces – for free! Everything you’ve always … Read More

Non-Google SEO – Yes, It’s a Thing

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Think of SEO and your immediate concern is Google, if you’re like most marketers. It’s a reasonable response, considering that the company is a dominant force in search, internet and communications technology today. But although it’s indisputably enormous, Google isn’t … Read More

Why Mobile Matters for Attorneys

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You already know plenty of reasons your law firm needs a mobile-optimized website. With more and more adults turning to smartphones and tablet devices to browse the web, firms that don’t utilize this technology are at a disadvantage. We won’t … Read More

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