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As part of the latest round of updates from LinkedIn, law firms now have more options for targeting ads on the professional networking site. The expanded targeting feature is called Matched Audiences, and it’s a doozy. Using this feature, you can direct ads in three extremely valuable ways:

  1. By email address. This may seem insignificant at first, especially considering that other major networking sites have long offered similar capabilities, but it’s actually quite important. Since LinkedIn users often use their work email addresses to register for an account on the site, the match rate is far higher than on social networking platforms like Twitter and Facebook. The feature is flexible, too. Upload, your own list of email addresses, or integrate your contact management platform with your LinkedIn account. The first option means you can include specific lists, such as new contacts you meet at a legal conference, former clients or prospects that you’d like to convert to clients. With the latter choice, syncing the two elements means you’ll be working with current, updated data for an even higher match rate and fewer wasted impressions.
  2. By company. Is your law firm committed to winning work with a particular organization? LinkedIn understands. You can make a list of the companies you’re aiming at and use this list in choosing an audience for your ad campaign. Just upload your list and LinkedIn will match each entry with the company pages on the site. This allows you to run specific ad campaigns tailored to win over that big client you’ve had your eye on by focusing on the issues you know matter to the company. You can even choose professional demographics for your ads, meaning your message goes to the decision-makers you want to reach.
  3. By website behavior. Adding the LinkedIn Insight Tag to your site lets you access web analytic tools and then target site visitors with your ads when they sign into LinkedIn. Once you’ve installed the tag, you can establish defined audience segments and begin focusing your ads based on the pages they visited on your site as soon as the segment reaches 300 members. If you don’t generate a whole lot of traffic right now, you can simply use the filter to select all previous site visitors instead of waiting for a big enough audience on specific pages.

Before you get started, keep these points in mind:

  • Your Campaign Manager is where you’ll set up and choose target audiences for all three options.
  • Follow these instructions for setting up account lists to target by email or company.
  • Provide all uploaded lists in the form of .csv files.
  • Uploaded email lists cannot be edited, so proof them carefully before adding them to your LinkedIn account.
  • Like defined segmented audiences, email lists must have at least 300 entries. Since you won’t get a perfect match for every address on your list, make sure your lists well exceed that figure.
  • Give LinkedIn 48 hours to populate email lists, match companies you’ve selected and create segmented audiences based on your web traffic.

There are about a million different ways you can use these tools to get your ads in front of the people you want to notice your firm. Now all you need are some great ads!

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