What Makes a Great Landing Page?

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Landing pages aren’t like most of the pages on your law firm’s website. They have a narrow focus and a specific purpose, which means they need a distinctive approach. Because they exist for a specific purpose, it’s easy to tell how effective they are. It’s also a straightforward matter to increase their effectiveness, so let’s look at some strategies to do just that.

First, though, we should spend a minute clarifying what these pages are for the folks who aren’t quite sure. Landing pages are the online destinations where people arrive from a link they’ve clicked somewhere else on the web: a social media post, an ad, an email, etc. Technically speaking, a landing page is anywhere web users “land” after clicking a link, but in marketing terms a landing page is where your law firm will encourage one, limited action that achieves a specific marketing goal. The desired action varies, and can include such things as:

  • Signing up for a newsletter
  • Downloading a white paper
  • Scheduling a consultation, by phone or in person
  • Registering for an event
  • Entering a contest
  • Joining a group

Users arrive at landing pages because they’re interested in gaining the specified benefit; your law firm wants them to fulfill a particular behavioral goal that usually boils down to two things:

  1. Providing contact information that can be used for marketing
  2. Building or strengthening the relationship

Now that everyone’s on the same (landing) page, let’s talk about how to make it a great one.

  • Design. Simplicity is the key to effective landing page design. You want the page to be eye-catching and appealing, giving visitors a sense of confidence and mastery. The call to action should be highly visible and leave no room for confusion about what is expected. Choose pleasant colors and images, but force yourself to keep it super simple. Skip all non-crucial detail, avoid busy graphics and keep plenty of space on the page. Minimalist is definitely the way to go here.
  • Layout. A well-laid out landing page acts as a funnel. Place the key message smack dab where readers’ eyes will see it first and lay out page elements to create an automatic flow from message to action. It should be no more complicated than “I want that; I’ll do this.” The experience should feel effortless and obvious.
  • Navigation. Unlike most pages on your firm’s website, you don’t want to provide ways to navigate to other areas of the site. Good landing pages avoid distraction of all kinds, so leave out the sidebars, overhead navigation tools and teaser boxes. Provide one clear path that leads to the action you want, and nothing else. The time to unveil the riches of your full site is after visitors have completed the desired action.
  • Copy. Everyone who lands on this page should be able to immediately understand what you’re offering, why it benefits them and how to claim this benefit for their own. The fewer words you use to accomplish this, the better. Use a big enough font that no one must struggle to read the text, and make sure the call to action isn’t so cute that it ends up being vague or confusing. Keeping the copy brief and clear is your first priority.

Making an effective landing page will have a big impact on how successful you are at driving the behavior you want. If you create simple, focused landing pages using the strategies above, your law firm can get a big response for what you’re offering.


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