Newsletters Benefit Your Law Firm as Well as Your Readers

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Newsletters are just a nice touch your law firm might want to utilize when you have time, right? I mean, you’ve got important marketing strategies to implement before fluffy extras, and you can’t do everything! Business development needs to take priority over these little gestures that don’t really contribute to the firm.

That’s the usual thinking, but it overlooks the hidden value in newsletters. These marketing tools are a powerful way to leverage your content and build recognition, reputation and client rosters. The truth is that devoting the minimal resources required to share a monthly newsletter is a solid investment in your firm.

That’s not just a theory, either; newsletters really do bring new clients. If you doubt me, take it from our most recent new client, who specifically stated that our newsletter was the key to their decision to work with us.

It isn’t just the goodwill you’re displaying by sharing a regular flow of sound advice and useful information. Newsletters are effective business development tools for multiple reasons:

  • Variety Your newsletters contain multiple articles representative of the services you provide and the specialized expertise you bring to clients. There’s no way to anticipate what any potential client might be wondering or worrying about, but by sending newsletters, you’re likely to hit on something that resonates as “exactly what we need!” With multiple articles and smaller bits of content, you’re also demonstrating your versatility, breadth of knowledge and activities in areas that matter to your clients.
  • Convenience Your website is a powerful marketing tool, but it lives in one place. Newsletters, however, travel more widely and appear right in the inbox of everyone on your subscriber list. They bring the information directly to readers, making it easy and practically automatic to see your content. Humans are creatures of habit, to a great degree, and we’ll read what’s in front of us long before we remember (and find time) to actively seek out information. The easier you make it to see your law firm, the more people will do so, and clicking open a newsletter is about as easy as it gets.
  • Repetition Newsletters come out at regular intervals, or should. When subscribers see your name, your content and your friendly greetings over and over, they form a strong memory of your firm’s name and associate it with the varied knowledge you share. When they need legal assistance or are ready to change providers, your firm will be top of mind – and top of the list of potential firms to work with.
  • Exposure It’s easier than it’s ever been to share ideas and articles these days. Email, social media, smartphones, texting…all these tools let us forward interesting and relevant content effortlessly. When a friend or colleague mentions an issue you discussed in a recent newsletter article, most subscribers will be quick to pass along the newsletter. Articles you share in newsletters have a way of spreading widely, which gives you fantastic exposure to potential clients who may never have heard of your firm otherwise.
  • Traffic We advise clients to include only a portion of articles in newsletters, with the full post published on the firm’s blog. By driving traffic to your website, you’re helping readers land in a resource-rich environment where they’re likely to click around and explore the rest of your content (and it doesn’t hurt your standing with Google, either). Spending time on your website helps readers understand the many ways you can help them and further cements their awareness of your firm.

Don’t overlook the business development power in sending a newsletter. Contributing to the body of law-related discourse through this medium has a lot to offer readers and your firm.

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