SEO Benefits From an Unexpected Source

Most attorneys are aware how beneficial case studies and testimonials can be for demonstrating the value of their services to potential clients. These tools allow readers to step into the shoes of previous clients and get a clear sense of how qualified an attorney may be to handle their own legal matters. It’s hard to overstate the power of reading the words of someone whose legal challenges have been resolved successfully, or whose ongoing anxiety about day-to-day legal matters no longer keeps him or her awake at night.

As marketers, we often encourage our clients to include multiple case studies and testimonials on their websites and in hard copy collateral they can provide to new contacts. Most of the time, the clients can see how helpful these tools will be in letting readers grasp the potential benefits of working with the professional in question. What they don’t usually expect, however, is the wonderful SEO benefits that stem from having well written case studies on their websites.

This comes as a surprise to many clients, but it’s completely logical and here’s why: Your clients are describing their fears, problems and experiences in their own words. What better way could there possibly be to merit a high page rank in response to search queries from others who are facing similar issues?

Those in highly specialized professions rely on words and phrases that originate in their specialized education and daily work. They forget – if they ever knew – how the clients they serve talk about the very same issues. The language of your target audience is in most cases very different than the language you and your colleagues will use to describe the concerns you handle for them.

Your clients have stories to tell – stories that resonate with readers who see themselves in the same shoes. The way they choose to tell these stories matches the way potential clients will enter the online search questions that lead them to qualified professional help.

Resist the urge to ‘clean up’ testimonials and case study content to make it match your idea of what you did for the client. Let the stories they tell stay in the client’s words, tweaked only for punctuation and clarity (and be sure to have the entire thing reviewed and approved by the source before use, of course).

If you leave your clients’ stories as intact as you can, they will create a powerful impact on readers, who will be able to relate easily. In addition, the naturally articulated case studies and testimonials will deliver surprisingly effective SEO by mirroring the language used in searches by others who could benefit from the same services. Trust your clients. Give them a platform and let them speak, because what they say will bring great results for your law firm.

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Sarah Warlick is responsible for making us and all of our clients sound professional and eloquent as the content director at bbr marketing. In this role, Sarah is in charge of ensuring that all copy is well-written, accurate and free of pesky typos before it heads out the door. Additionally, she is a prolific writer and a frequent contributor to bbr marketing’s blog sites. She spends a good deal of time writing copy for our clients and has a unique way of crawling into our clients’ heads to create ghostwritten copy that sounds as if it came directly from their pen.

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