Free Typography Resources to Make Your Website Look Great

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Are you tired of using the same old fonts and wishing for something delightfully different? You’re in luck, because Google is offering you a chance to browse and use a wide assortment of typefaces – for free! Everything you’ve always … Read More

Non-Google SEO – Yes, It’s a Thing

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Think of SEO and your immediate concern is Google, if you’re like most marketers. It’s a reasonable response, considering that the company is a dominant force in search, internet and communications technology today. But although it’s indisputably enormous, Google isn’t … Read More

Target Facebook Ads Based on Engagement

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Facebook advertising can be an effective tool for expanding your law firm’s audiences. But since everyone and their mother is on the enormous social media platform, how can you target your messages to those who will be most likely to … Read More

Who’s the Facebook Addict Now?

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A recent Nielsen report confirms what most observers have seen for themselves: It’s adults aged 35-49 who are the largest consumers of media. That includes social media as well as traditional channels like television and radio. The popular image of … Read More

Which Marketing Metrics Matter?

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How effective is your marketing, and how do you measure it? Virtually every law firm realizes the value of marketing and its contributions to overall firm success, but most still wonder about the best way to quantify results. Because of … Read More

Why Mobile Matters for Attorneys

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You already know plenty of reasons your law firm needs a mobile-optimized website. With more and more adults turning to smartphones and tablet devices to browse the web, firms that don’t utilize this technology are at a disadvantage. We won’t … Read More

Live Broadcasting Tools for Your Law Firm

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You probably think of streaming video as something your kids use to learn video game hacks and watch new phones as they’re unboxed, but this technology can do a lot more than that. Live video holds great appeal to audiences … Read More

8 Great Social Media Management Tools

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Your law firm’s marketing success can depend, in part, on a strong social media presence. Though you probably maintain profiles on only a handful of platforms, managing them represents a significant investment of a scarce and valuable resource: your time. … Read More

Why Your Law Firm’s Website Needs SSL

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Many law firms opt to utilize secure connections for their websites, partly for the added security of HTTPS pages and partly because it shows you take safeguarding clients’ personal information seriously. That’s appropriate, but now it is becoming a necessity. … Read More

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