Up Your LinkedIn Marketing Game with Matched Audiences

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As part of the latest round of updates from LinkedIn, law firms now have more options for targeting ads on the professional networking site. The expanded targeting feature is called Matched Audiences, and it’s a doozy. Using this feature, you … Read More

Target Social Media Behavior, Not Demographics

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If your law firm targets audiences on Facebook and other social media platforms using demographic parameters, you might want to think again. While you may want to reach users in a specific location or age group, relying on the information … Read More

Target Facebook Ads Based on Engagement

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Facebook advertising can be an effective tool for expanding your law firm’s audiences. But since everyone and their mother is on the enormous social media platform, how can you target your messages to those who will be most likely to … Read More

Who’s the Facebook Addict Now?

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A recent Nielsen report confirms what most observers have seen for themselves: It’s adults aged 35-49 who are the largest consumers of media. That includes social media as well as traditional channels like television and radio. The popular image of … Read More

Which Marketing Metrics Matter?

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How effective is your marketing, and how do you measure it? Virtually every law firm realizes the value of marketing and its contributions to overall firm success, but most still wonder about the best way to quantify results. Because of … Read More

8 Great Social Media Management Tools

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Your law firm’s marketing success can depend, in part, on a strong social media presence. Though you probably maintain profiles on only a handful of platforms, managing them represents a significant investment of a scarce and valuable resource: your time. … Read More