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Everybody loves WordPress. It’s so easy to use that even the less technically inclined are comfortable on the platform. This high level of accessibility means law firms often choose to update content, add blog posts and make other changes on their WordPress-based websites inside the firm, rather than calling in developers.

That’s a real boon in terms of cost and convenience, but the time spent on the site can still add up. Luckily, there are plenty of time-saving shortcuts built right into the platform’s visual editor. In fact, if you know keyboard shortcuts for MS Word, you’ve probably already figured out that some of them work in WordPress as well.

The shortcuts from Word aren’t all, though. WordPress lets you use many keyboard shortcuts to speed up the process of tweaking and formatting your content on the platform. Here’s a partial list of what you can accomplish straight from the keyboard.

Control/Command + Key

These keyboard commands require simultaneously pressing the Control key and another one to indicate the specific function. (That’s for Windows and Linux systems. Mac users will use press Command instead of Control.)

  • c copy
  • v paste
  • a select all
  • x cut
  • z undo
  • y redo
  • b make bold
  • i make italic
  • u underline
  • k insert or edit a link


Many of the keyboard shortcuts in the previous list may be familiar from Word. A few of this next set might be too, but many are unique to WordPress. For the following shortcuts, Windows and Linux users will press Alt+Shift+Key while Mac people will use Control+Option+Key.

  • l align left
  • r align right
  • c align center
  • j justify text
  • d strikethrough
  • u bulleted list
  • o numbered list
  • a insert link
  • s remove link
  • q quote
  • m insert image
  • h help
  • 1 Heading 1
  • 2 Heading 2
  • 3 Heading 3
  • 4 Heading 4
  • 5 Heading 5
  • 6 Heading 6

Formatting Shortcuts

Some common formatting commands are even easier. For these, you don’t have to hold down multiple keys at the same time to let WordPress know what you want to do. There’s overlap between this list of formatting shortcuts and the previous list, so pick the method that’s easiest and most natural for you when you need one of these commands.

  • * bulleted list
  • – bulleted list
  • 1. numbered list
  • 1) numbered list
  • ## H2
  • ### H3
  • #### H4
  • ##### H5
  • ###### H6
  • > transform text into blockquote
  • You can enter a horizontal line by typing in consecutive short dashes/minus signs. I’d show you what that looks like if it weren’t for the fact that when I do the actions, WordPress figures I want it to draw a line. See how well it listens?

Besides all the shortcuts available in the visual editor, you have the option to turn on shortcuts for use in moderating comments. To do that, just navigate to Edit Profile and click the box to enable shortcuts on comments.

Whether you learn all the keyboard shortcuts WordPress offers or limit yourself to the handful of commands you use most often, you’re sure to save some time as you conduct routine website tasks. And as attorneys and their staff know, even a few minutes helps a lot.

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