YouTube Set to Join the List of Livestreaming Options

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Livestreaming events, presentations and other content have become a popular element in marketing strategies in recent years. A significant number of law firms have added livestreaming to their mix of marketing tools and employ the technique to add variety, increase their reach and improve SEO. Now YouTube is making the ability to livestream video from mobile devices available to more users.

There are plenty of platforms to choose from for livestreaming (Twitter/Periscope, Vimeo, Facebook Live, Instagram, etc.) but when it comes to anything video-based, YouTube has long been considered the super-power. That makes the company’s decision to open access to more users a nice little gift. It’s a big change from previous rules, which limited livestreaming via tablet or mobile device to channels with a minimum of 10,000 subscribers. That changed in April, when the company reduced the minimum subscriber base to 1000. Roughly a month later, YouTube has opened the gates even wider – but not removed them completely.

Speaking with Mashable, a YouTube representative said, “We’ve been experimenting and expanding mobile live streaming for almost a year now. However, it is still only available to a relatively small subset of users.” Within that subset who have access to livestreaming, only those with verified channels qualify to use the feature. Users must also have had no restrictions placed on their livestreams within 90 days, or they’ll be barred from using the feature for a bit longer.

If you don’t have the feature yet, don’t worry. There has been no formal announcement at this point but the public launch is expected to be coming soon, with some users are already seeing it. For those law firms that already have the option, you’ll find it easy to use. Open the YouTube app on your smartphone or tablet and tap the icon to select livestreaming (it’s the red button in the lower right-hand portion of your screen). From there, you can choose to record video for later use or “Go Live.”

Whether you want to livestream interviews, discuss breaking news, host instructional sessions or just share fun events that your law firm is enjoying, having access to livestreaming via mobile device on YouTube will let you expand your audience a bit farther.

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